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Confessions of a Middle-aged Drama Queen

This past Saturday I had an appointment to get my brows waxed, and when I got ready to leave I had to borrow $9 from my mom because I could not find my wallet. On the drive to the salon and while on the table I retraced y steps on my mind and thoght that maybe I had dropped it while putting gas on the car on Friday. I was pissed and thinking of all the things to do and suddenly I thought "shit my driver's license and SS card are both in there, if some one finds it they could steal my identity!" So I started to think about the funny mastercard commercials, then about this documentary I saw years ago about people who had to change their names because they had their identities stolen. Then I got all pissy because I was going to have to change my name, and that's totally not fair because my first & last names are fairly uncommon (at least here in PR) and the combination of the two is (so far/to my knowledge) rare and so I love my name and didin't want to change it.

Then I got home, looked in my computer bag and found the wallet which had been there all the time but I was confusing it with my iPod and Nintendo DS since all 3 are black.

Why yes, I AM a drama queen.

Afterwards my parental units & I drove down to La Parguera to my aunt & uncle beach trailer where we stayed the night and went on their boat the next day. Water, sand, sun, food, beer, & fun! I had a great time with my family. My parents stayed and repeated it on monday but I had to leave because I had work on monday. Monday was a holiday celebrating the Constitution of PR, but the company owner doen't believe in that so I had to work and miss out on more beach fun :(

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Phone Post: Male Menopause?

I think I have male menopause at the ripe age of 30.

I've been having lots of mood swings lately and have generally been in a bad mood for days now.

I've also been doing way too much stress/emotional eating. I ate ice cream & beer on Fri, Sat and Sun this past weekend, which is really not good.

I think I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to have amazing legs, nice arms, nice chest and a beer/ice cream belly. I'm pretty certain ice cream and beer will bring me much more happiness than having abs ever would.

Even so, I'm thinking of going to a therapist or something to learn ways of channeling my emotions that don't include eating everything in sight.

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NYC Conclusion

Day 5 was really quite uneventfull. I was so tired from Pride that I got up late, I went to Pete's Grill for lunch since I had a craving for a panini, and returned to my hotel. I lied around and slept basically all day and around 7pm I headed out to Desiree's. She made white rice, lasagna, garlic bread and fried plaintains. I played with the kiddies, we ate, chatted for a bit & said our goodbyes.

Next morning I got up, got some breakfast at the hotel and packed up my things. I got an the subway, the the bus and within 45 minutes I was at LGA. I had a 4hr stop at Miami where I found a corner to sit and charge my ipod and talk on the phone with Yara. About 30 minutes before the plane home boarded, a cute, young, blonde guy repeatedly checked me out. He was an employee at one of the airport stores and he looked quite nice ^_^.

Puerto Rico is still the only place l've ever been to where people clap when the plane lands.

And so ends my fabulous NYC trip. I had such an amazing time and there were still tons of things I didn't get to do. Guess that means I need another visit!

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NYC Day 4

Day 4 was Sunday June 27, 2010; the day of the 2010 NYC Pride Parade, the event that this entire trip was planned around.

I had been wanting to go to NYC Pride since forever, and after a few years where things didn't work out, I was so excited to FINALLY go to NYC Pride. And let me tell you I was not disappointed.

Since the parade didn't start until 11am, and it started in 36th St. and I was going to station myself in 23rd St. I decided to take a little pre-Parade detour to Chinatown.

I got to Chinatown, walked around, bought a few things, marveled at the awesomeness that is NYC. I didn't really pay as much attention as I should have to where I was going, and then I couldn't find the subway station. ^_^ Oops!! After a little while being lost and looking for the station, I found it and made my way to 5th Ave & 23rd St. for the parade.

The parade was AWESOME! Not just the people in the parade, but the people all around. There was a great variety of people marching and watching the parade. They passed around some safe sex stuff like condom/lube packs, and dental dams. I got a strawberry flavored dental damn, which I don't know how to use.

Mel B of the Spice Girls was at the Parade on a yellow convertible, promoting her new show "Dance Your Ass Off", and she looked AMAZING. She's fucking hot!!

To my surprise the boys of Randy Blue were marching at the Parade, including Trent Davis, my most favorite RB guy.

After the Parade, I went to the Pridefest, where I saw bunch of different people selling a bunch of different things. I bought a rainbowed rosary; hand made, very pretty. After walking around for a while in the village, I decided to go to Neptune, a polish restaurant, where I had spinach pierogies, french fries and white borscht (sp?).

After dinner, I returned to my hotel and found out the boys from Randy Blue were going to be at Splash Bar, so I showered, changed, and made my way down Splash. I had a few beers, and took about 20 pictures of Trent Davis. After a few beers, I worked up the courage to go up to Trent and ask him for a picture. Trent was very nice and agreed to take a picture with me, I said "Thank You" and put a few dollars in his jockstrap, and he was very sweet and said "you're welcome" and smiled, and I almost died.

Trent is so very hot, sweet, nice and has the most wonderful smile ever. I can't believe I got to "meet" him and take a picture with him. Too bad I'm such a chicken shit and didn't really say anything other than "Thank You".


70 Confessions (Randomm as hell...)
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Do you swear to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, so help you God?: yes
What time is it?: 6:25pm
What is todays date? (MM/DD/YYYY): 7/5/2010
♥Okay lets get started...
Who was the last person to call you baby?: michael
When you're at the grocery store do you used the self checkout?: no
...do you return the cart?: yes
What is your relationship status? (single, taken...etc.): perpetually single
Has anyone ever sang to you?: yes
Has anyone ever given you roses? when?: no. a daisy. may 21 2003
If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?: don't think so
Who do you text the most?: yara
What does your last incoming text say?: i knew this would happen
What does your last outgoing text say?: what i went through with Julio was rough, with Kevin not so much but I cried, with MA its nothing but its disappointing to find what one is looking for only to loose it so fast and sudden
What is your favorite color?: blue
What color are your eyes?: dark brown
Wat is a compliment you receive way too often?: i don't receive that many compliments
How tall are you?: 5'9
Who was the last person to say they loved you and when?: one of my parents, i don't remember when exactly
Do you like your parents?: yes, they are awesome
Do you secretly like someone?: i like someone but it's not a secret
Why did your last relationship end?: i've never been in a relationship. but my last dating ended because the guy disappeared, i suspect bc he got back together with his ex
Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone?: one of my parents
Where is the furthest place you've traveled?: Mexico
Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?: eat
Do you look more like your mom or your dad?: mom
How long does it take you to shower?: around 10 to 12 minutes
Can you do splits?: no
Are you flexible?: physically not too much. personality wise, yes
What movie do you want to see?: Love Conquers Paul
What did you on New Years eve 2007?: don't remember
Was your mom a cheerleader?: no
Can you speak any other language besides English?: spanish
What is the last letter of your middle name?: e
How many hours of sleep did you get last night?: about 9
Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?: yes, always
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Have you ever been to Los Angeles?: no
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What song do you HATE?: can't think of one at the moment
Do you like chocolate?: YES
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Are you easy to get along with?: i think so yes
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NYC Day 3

Day 3 was a family day more or less.

I went to Desiree's house, where she had cooked linguine with ground beef, white rice and fried plantains. After eating, cleaning up, and getting the kids ready, we headed out to Coney Island.

We went to the new section, Luna something-or-other, and looked around for rides that the kidlets could get on. When we got to the rides, I immediately took charge of the kids and went in line with them, and Desiree stayed in the front of the rides with the stroller. All the ride attendants thought I was the kids' dad. That kind of made me feel good...

After a few rides, we went to the boardwalk and down to the beach where the kids played in the sand and got in this thing that's like a circle with palm tree like beams that shoot water up and sideways creating like a little shower like thing. Desiree and I got some ice cream from these guys who push these carts around and they have these supposedly home-made ice creams; I had the cherry-mango which was amazing.

The sky started to get a little dark, and Desiree had heard in the news or something that it was supposed to rain in the afternoon, so we cut the trip a little short and headed back home. Desiree and the kids got ready and then we headed back to my hotel, where I got ready. We headed out to 42nd st and Times Square. We walked all around, took a bunch of pictures, went into a few shops, I bought a few things and after a few hours, when we were all tired, we headed back.

It was a pretty fun day, and I so enjoyed spending time with Desiree and the kidlets. Also, Times Square is awesome and beautiful.

NYC Day 2

I originally intended to write an entry each day describing my activities, but that didn't quite work out. So I'll write out the entries for each day in the coming week.

So Day 2.

Day 2 was the NY Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo. The MTA Subway system has this thing where they can have like 3 different entrances for the same station, so when I got off the station where I was supposed to get off at to go 2 blocks down and catch the Bus to the Botanical Garden, I came out the wrong street entrance and got a little lost. Thank God for Google! After a few minutes I was able to find myself and got on the bus and arrived at the BG. I have to say that it was WAY BIGGER than I had thought it would be. There was a lot of walking involved and I saw a lot of pretty flowers and trees and stuff.

After the Botanical Garden I went off to the Bronx Zoo. I got to the bus stop, and thankfully I asked the driver, because I was on the right bus but on the wrong side of the street and that bus was going the opposite way! So I crossed the street, got on the right bus and successfully got to the Bronx Zoo. The Zoo, too, was WAY BIGGER than I had expected it to be. I saw tons of animals, took tons of pictures, went on the monorail tour, got on the tram and walked a whole hell of a lot. I didn't get to ride a camel because I thought I'd leave it for last, but didn't get back in time for the last ride ;_;

I had a great time at both places, and I was supposed to go to MOMA but I was tired and had made plans with Desiree, so I went back to my hotel to shower, change, and left for Desiree's place. We ate, got the kidlets ready and went to the Fulton street piers. We took pictures, walked around with the kidlets, had a few beers, talked and then we took the Staten Island Ferry. When we got to the station we turned right around and took the Ferry back because there's apparently not really anything to do in Staten Island, but we wanted to take the ferry and the kids really enjoyed the ride and looking out the window while the boat was in motion.

Desiree wanted to take the kids to Coney Island the next day, so I said that I had Coney Island planed for later in the week but I could switch my days and go tomorrow so we could go together.

I went back to my hotel and crashed for the day. I was really exhausted. I go to the gym 5 days a week and work out about 1 - 2 hours each day, so I'm in pretty good shape, but still, walking all over New York can take a lot out of you!

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